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    Bon Iver Live @ Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works

    Written by Colin Kirkland When my friend, Gilly, and I pulled into Red Hook, we looked around wondering whether or not the driver was planning on murdering us, or if he simply drove to the wrong location. Desolation: wide littered streets, abandoned warehouses; there was no one to be...
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    Mr. Tambourine Man – Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

    During a recent Spotify Session, former Walkmen lead singer, Hamilton Leithauser, joined together with Rostam Batmanglij – Vampire Weekend’s former “secret sauce” (according to Pitchfork) – and recorded a refreshing yet nostalgic homage to Nobel Prize winner, Bob Dylan. With their debut record, I Had A Dream That You...
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    An Interview with The New Review

    The day after this interview, I accidentally deleted the recording off my phone. It turns out that I am not tuned into the whole “backing-up” process when it comes to iPhones and the imperceptible “cloud” that floats above us all, forever invisible. But despite my proficiency in technology un-awareness,...