• Greyface Press Photo 2016

    Greyface: Guided by Chaos with Jutty Taylor

    Written by Colin Kirkland In Malaclypse The Younger’s 1963 text, Principia Discordia, there is a man named Greyface who ultimately curses mankind with an everlasting “bad trip.” While naming his LA band in reference to the medieval curmudgeon, as well as a cat who roams the alleyway behind his...
  • 1468295429GoonPressPhoto

    Goon Tunes: Kenny Becker’s Layered Aesthetic

    It was the ideal day for listening to Goon; the morning light disappeared long before I awoke and the grey sky emitted a static energy onto everything underneath it. As if there were no bodies walking up and down Elm Street below my second-story apartment window. I gulped hot...
  • a1284436996_10

    Goon – Dusk of Punk

    New-age grunge; a harsh sound with melancholy melody. Check out “Dusk of Punk,” by LA-based band, Goon. There are layers here! Stay tuned for an exclusive FeedingEars interview with Kenny Becker, the founder and leader of this emerging group....