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    Bon Iver Live @ Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works

    Written by Colin Kirkland When my friend, Gilly, and I pulled into Red Hook, we looked around wondering whether or not the driver was planning on murdering us, or if he simply drove to the wrong location. Desolation: wide littered streets, abandoned warehouses; there was no one to be...
  • 41-og

    REVIEW: The Royal They – Post-Punk Delirium

    Brooklyn-based underground threesome, The Royal They, just released their debut full-length album under King Pizza Records. The self-titled record is a brilliant emotional wreck: a cutting, confrontational, and connected collection with fast-paced mood swings and refreshing hooks. Tapped into what sounds like Nirvana B-sides, The Pixies’ stop-start style, and...
  • undercover-dream-lovers

    REVIEW: The Undercover Dream Lovers – Good Luck

    Earlier this year, Brooklyn’s, Matt Koenig, self-released his debut EP entitled, While It’s in Style under the name, The Undercover Dream Lovers. Featured on this project was a standout tune, “The Master.” After playing it through a few times, there were a couple electronic enthusiasts that came to mind;...