Ruby is a spoken word artist, rapper, beatboxer, and music producer from the Bay Area (SAN LORENZO, CA). She has talent coming out of her ears and creativity that...


Ruby is a spoken word artist, rapper, beatboxer, and music producer from the Bay Area (SAN LORENZO, CA). She has talent coming out of her ears and creativity that makes it impossible to pass up her music. Ruby is one of those artist that the music world needs right now and we hope that she takes off soon so we can hear A LOT more from her. Become a lot more educated about Ruby in the below interview, exclusively from, your music filter.

1. One of the nice accomplishments you have is being on the Jin 2010 Hip hop census mixtape. How did that feel to be apart of?
I was so excited when I found out that my track would be featured on Jin’s mixtape and that he’d add a verse to it because I’ve been following his music since he was on BET 106th & Park’s Freestyle Fridays. It was humbling to not only have someone that’s been on my iPod to listen to my song, but to collaborate with me too

2. What is your main goal as an extremely well rounded artist?
Right now, my primary goal is to reach people who have never heard my music before and to continue challenging myself lyrically

3. Who inspires you to create the songs you put together?
My musical inspirations include Wu Tang Clan, Eminem, Lauryn Hill, Pac, and a Tribe Called Quest. Their music is timeless!

4. What are your up and coming projects?
I’m currently working on my first mixtape and I’m hoping to release it sometime in the upcoming weeks. It’s going to feature all brand new music with original beats

5. Why did you start creating music and get into spoken word?
I started making music and poetry because I needed a forum to express my thoughts during a time when I was going through a lot in my life. Putting my thoughts into musical/poetic form allowed me to express myself in a way that I couldn’t normally communicate in a conversation

6. What kind of writing process do you go through to come up with such soulful lyrics?
I don’t have a standard technique or process when I write lyrics. It’s actually always a burst of creativity for me. For instance, I’ve come up with lyrics after waking up at 4 AM or when driving to work

7. What do you like to do when you aren’t creating music?
I always still try to draw inspiration from things outside of music, so I love to read and watch tv

8. If you had to chose another profession besides music what would you be in?
I honestly can’t think of a more ideal profession for myself other than music, whether it be rapping or creating beats!

9. A lot of supporters think that you are an artist a lot more talented then what we hear today. How do you react to such comments?
Those comments are humbling, encouraging, and inspire me to create more music. The greatest reward an artist could ever ask for is for people to take the time out to listen to the music, so when people are diggin the tracks, it’s just a special bonus for me

10. Have you ever performed somewhere where the feedback you received wasn’t what you were hoping for?
Thankfully, I haven’t had a performance yet where I received negative feedback, but there’s been a few times where the audience wasn’t as live as I expected and moments like those are hard to gauge how I’m doing, but they’ve taught me that audiences will always react to music differently. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t focus too much on audience expression as much because at the end of the show, what’s important is that I’m having fun on stage

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