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After hearing any of STORi’s tracks you will immediately realize that she is on her way. The singer/ songwriter landed a deal with the powerhouse label, Universal Motown and...


After hearing any of STORi’s tracks you will immediately realize that she is on her way. The singer/ songwriter landed a deal with the powerhouse label, Universal Motown and hasn’t stopped grinding ever since. The New Jersey native lets her creativity rule our realms by telling stories we can all relate to and switches her vocal capabilities to feed you with many pleasant surprises.

We had the honor of interviewing this up and coming talent that is sure to win you over. Read below as STORi is one cool, down to earth individual that loves what she does!

Feedingears: Step aside any up and coming artists! You seem to have the mentality and the capability to crush anything in your way. Tell us a little about how you realized that music was your path in life.

STORi: Well I’ve always had a strong love for music growing up.. i stayed putting on shows in the living room.. I’m good with impressions so i really started imitating Whitney Madonna and Mariah and i think from there i just started to find my own voice, and i wasn’t that bad.. Ever since i can remember I’ve been singing, I guess this path chose me, I’ve never taken ANYTHING else seriously.

FE: Without any luck, we were unable to find the meaning behind calling yourself STORi. Care to elaborate?

STORi: I like to tell stories in my music…. and my name is Tori… its fitting really.

FE: You are without a doubt one of the most vocally diverse artist in the game. Was working with Craig Derry essential to your development?

STORi: Whoa, thank you! And WHOOAA you guys are good, knowing i worked with Craig! Of course it was.. God gave me a gift and Craig really taught me how to use it properly.. like an instrument. He’s one of my favorites, and always believed in my voice. “HI CRAIG!!”

FE: You seem to be one of the few artists that made, and are still making smart moves towards your career. Was teaming up with legends such as Scoop DeVille, Juelz and Treach (to name a few) your personal goal?

STORi: The thing about goals and plans is that they never quite go the way you originally thought.. Sometimes thats a great thing =) I respect these guys so much but it really was right place right timing for those specific projects.. #JerzeyStandUPPP

FE: Speaking of smart moves, how did the #BADASSDAME get together with #BADASSERY (Tyra)?

STORi: Sooooo… A dope (iconic..google him if u aint familiar plz) photographer Estevan Oriol actually hit my manager saying there was an opportunity to be a part of this cosmetics campaign that Tyra Banks was creating.. They were looking for a few girls, a rapper and a couple different types of singers for the “anthem” of the line.. Well being that i can do all of those things i went to this audition, recorded all of the parts and booked the whole thing! I met Tyra that day and we hit it off.. She’s amazing, such a smart business woman, and I’m lucky to call her a mentor. xxo Gang Banks

FE: Are there any artists/producers that you are craving to work with?

STORi: I just want to make dope music really.. Im not into the hype of working with the “hot producer of the moment” Butttt… I would LOVE the opportunity to get back in the studio with Timbaland.. AND I would reeeealllyy LOVE to get in and collab with Gwen Stefani, duh cz she’s the coolest.

FE: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

STORi: I fell down the stairs at Shaggy’s studio a couple weeks ago.. completely sober. With everyone in the control room. Classic. #MyRecoveryWasOnPointTho

FE: Asking the following question always paints a better picture of who anyone is, so here we go! If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?

STORi: Hmm… How bout an everlasting gobstopper, sun screen, and the internet. ;-P

FE: Tell us about the idea behind the Boombox tattoo and why are only the controls in color? Did you design the artwork?


STORi: Yes i did design the artwork =) thank you for asking.. I really just love music and i live for everything old school.. (total 90s kid) So i figured i could walk around with a ghetto blaster without actually carrying one forever.. The colors represent my love for creativity.. Bright and bold no fucks given… Side-note didn’t know if you noticed but there is NO stop button.. Because i really don’t know how to. #AlwaysOn

FE: Being involved with Westside Boxing, Tyra Banks, the much-anticipated Naughty Nation, photographer Elton Anderson, drawing quick sketches to unbelievable and unique artworks such as the piece for Westside Boxing, it’s hard to keep track of what you will do next. Did you always have a crazy work ethic?

Artwork designed for us by the very talented STORi !

STORi: When it comes to my artistry, wether its music or any other creative outlet, yes.. My work ethic is ridiculous. I just started to create my own lyric videos and do mostly all of the artwork for my singles as well. You really have to be that way if you want to succeed at anything in my opinion.

FE: If you had to choose another profession besides the music industry, what would it be and why?

STORi: I have to say it would probably be somewhere in the fashion industry.. Or anywhere else in the creative world.

FE: Finally, any up and coming projects you can update us on

STORi: I’ll say this.. Im currently working on finishing my album and have some amazing new music for y’all coming soon.. But you really will have to stay tuned and find out…


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