Interview with Meg Myers

Mysterious, outrageous, talented, hypnotizing, these qualities are hard to accomplish but not if your Meg Myers. She has caught the attention of so many with her raw, sincere personality...


Mysterious, outrageous, talented, hypnotizing, these qualities are hard to accomplish but not if your Meg Myers.

She has caught the attention of so many with her raw, sincere personality that it was impossible for us not to ask for an interview. Little did we know the already interesting Myers would become even more interesting. Her story and her music are unique enough to be considered the missing ingredient for what music needs today. Her EP “DAUGHTER IN THE CHOIR” is available to download and you should definitely go ahead and do that now, thank us later. Read the interview below and listen to her musical creations below.

1.Your music and the way you act as an individual seems very sincere, fun with a splash of outrageous. Can you briefly tell us about the elegant Meg Myers and how she came to be?

thank you. thank you. thank you. I was born to two southern folks in tennessee who both were musical and creative. their marriage fell apart not long after i was born, and then my stepdad came along and he was a very talented artist and a creative dark individual. i grew up as a jehovahs witness and aside from those meetings n stuff (and by “stuff” i mean alllooooottttt of sheeiiitt), i grew up around lots of sci-fi books/films/television etc, art and music and action figures and nature and activities and during 6th grade i was taken out of public school and home schooled the rest of my school years (school school school) and i got my GED when i was 18. i never celebrated holidays or birthdays until after the age of 13, once we stopped the religion. i have 3 older brothers, 1 younger brother and 1 younger sister. i’ve lived in nashville, the smokey mountains, toledo ohio and south florida. I started waitressing at 17 and i’ve always waitressed to support the music. i moved to LA when i was 20 to pursue a career in music and here i am 6 years later. my favorite fruit is papaya. most people hate papaya and think it tastes like poop or barf but i love it still. i met Doctor Rosen Rosen about a year and a half ago and we’ve been musically inseparable. my favorite documentary is Billy the Kid. i miss thunderstorms and snow. LA is boring. I’d like to visit Canada.

2.The music that you have created thus far is very well written and equally as creative giving you a unique sound. Can you describe your writing process?

Well all songs are a collaboration between myself and the Doctor. Sometimes I come in with something I wrote on guitar or piano and he adds onto it or sometimes I come in and he will have a beat or a beautiful piano riff recorded and I’ll write a melody to it. and a lot of times the first verse or chorus comes out so quick and magically and then the lyrics. but then the second and 3rd verse take more time and work. it’s like that first feeling comes out so easily but it takes discipline to finish the rest. sometimes.

3.Where would you like to be in 10 years from now?

i dont know honestly.. my mind is so all over the place. i want to do scores for films, but i want to play upright bass in a jazz band, but i want to be isolated in the country in a tree house with a gorilla, but i want to fly planes, but i want to become a scientist, but i want to make movies, but i want to dance, but i want to live in africa…astronaut.. help.

4.What artist inspires you today?

mostly the same that have always inspired me and a few more. Sting, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Lindsey buckingham, Tupac, Tracy Chapman, James Taylor, Ludovico Einaudi, the Cure, Enya… Perfume Genius, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Gotye, Sun Kil Moon, Ataxia. I dunno theres so so many. Ive been listening to opera a lot lately too.

5.If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be?

George Michael

6.What does Havilah Schuyler mean since we noticed you had it tattooed on you? Do you have any other Tattoos?

It’s my little brother and sisters names. Yes i have a little cross on my shoulder that represents a butterfly in blackfoot indian. i have a small alien head on my ankle that i got when i was 14 and my friend ben turned it into a heart for me. and i have a small written tattoo on my side near my boob that is in latin and i got it with my best friend in mississippi.

7.If you had to choose another profession besides music, what would you be doing/exploring?

sailing i think

8.So what do you like doing with your spare time, or days off?

i dont really get days off unfortunately but when i do i try to hike or just rest. i’ve been wanting to make a planet mobile for a while now.

9.Some people have dogs, cat’s even birds. What made you want to get pet rats?

i cant afford to take care of a dog, which i do really want. and I just wanted to see what they were like as pets. people dont know much about them. come to find, they are as smart as dogs, they are loving and they learn tricks and they are really funny.

10.How is living in LA compared to Tennessee?

you cant build igloos thats for sure

11.So you put “DAUGHTER IN THE CHOIR” up for a free download, which is loaded with amazingly produced/written music. When will we see another project uploaded or even an album for us to buy?

thank you:o) My music video for curbstomp will be out in a couple weeks so look out for it and i will be putting out lots of new songs!!

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