Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run has captured Canada and the rest of the world with their ability to kindly please the ears of people all over the world! Yes, it is...


Half Moon Run has captured Canada and the rest of the world with their ability to kindly please the ears of people all over the world! Yes, it is safe to say that this is not your average band, touring all over the world with just a single album release. The band consists of Devon Portielje, providing vocals, guitars and drums. Conner Molander, providing vocals, guitars and keys. Dylan Phillips, providing vocals, drums and keys. The combination of talent is flawless and will definitely catch you of guard since they have only been together for just over 2 years. Go get their first album titled “Dark Eyes” which came out march 27 in Canada, entering right away in Quebec and Canada’s charts. We had the chance for a quick interview with the up and coming band. Read below.

1. How did you come up with the name Half moon run?
The name was suggested by someone who’s no longer in the band, and the meaning has come to mean all sorts of different things to us since then. It’s nice to think that other people can have their own interpretations as well, so we try to avoid talking about the original story these days.

2. What is the brief history of the band?
We met through a mutual friend and a Craigslist ad two and a half years ago. Our first show as a three-piece was in May 2010 and we’ve been working together full-time since then.

3. Not being together as a band for many many years, how were you able to bond and create such a recognizable yet pleasantly new sound?
Our influences come from a lot of different places and I guess we’re lucky to have some good musical chemistry, so we’ve been able to combine our ideas smoothly.

4. Do you have a recording process?
Dark Eyes is our first album, and we kind of figured our how we work best in the studio as we went (or sometimes, how we work worst). We have a much clearer vision of how we’ll record our second album.

5. Why do you think your music caught on to so many other different places in the world?
It’s always a shock and a thrill to learn that people caught on to the music. Being so engulfed in the songs all the time, it’s hard to know what it is about them that other people like.

6. What do you guys do on your days off? (If any)
Laundry! Often we try to get out of the city and do something physical, especially in the summer. We all love swimming.

7. If you all needed to choose another profession, what would it be?
Stay-at-home dads!

8. The sound you have now is quite perfected. Are you thinking of exploring other genres and getting other artist to feature on any up coming projects?
When we write songs it’s not as premeditated as that, we usually just start with a jam and see what comes out of it and refine things from there. Certainly we are set on exploring new territory though, that’s the obsession!

9. How come Montreal was a place you decided to try make a name for yourself?
We all came to Montreal for different reasons, and just ended up finding each other and getting serious about our band. It was good luck!

10. Before getting signed to a very prestige record label, what was your plan of attack to get your music heard?
We were actually on the verge of breaking up at the time that we signed that record deal because we didn’t feel we could adequately pursue music and balance the rest of our lives. Indica was able to offer us the support we needed to drop everything and focus on the band full-time.

11. Did you ever think that working towards a career in music was ever going to happen?
You don’t really let yourself dream that big all the time, but we were all hopefully prepared to jump on an opportunity should it present itself.

12. What is your writing process? Full circle is one of many great songs on the album; the lyrics and the song itself are very well received by so many.
It usually starts with some little hook, which turns into a groove and is then organized into a song with more parts. The lyrics usually come last. Every song is different, and some of our songs were written under very different circumstances, but that’s usually kind of how it goes.

13. What are the near future projects for Half Moon Run?
Lots more touring and then back to the studio!

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