Cage The Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty

The American alternative band, Cage The Elephant released their fourth studio album earlier this month

After the popularity of their last album, especially Melophobia’s tracks “Come a Little Closer” and “Cigarette Daydreams” that shook and took over the alternative music stream late last year, Cage the Elephant comes through with their very alternative sound that keeps us listening throughout their new album. Known for staying true to their sound, Cage the Elephant continues to explore different topics using many metaphors, but something has changed in the way this new album sounds, it is different, but a good different. While they kept the same sound there is a sort of maturity to their music, because while having avidly listened to their music since their debut self-titled album, they seem to have aged their sound, following their fan base, it sounds less sporadic and more composed, a very positive change for them. This may seem confusing because they have stuck to their sound but changed, the thing is, the biggest issue that a lot of listeners had with the first two albums from Cage the Elephant was how there are times when it was just a lot of random sounding noise, a compilation of really loud percussion, guitar and vocals that didn’t necessarily mesh together and created a sort of awkwardness in the flow of the album. Not having that included was a big plus in “Tell Me I’m Pretty” and the sort of old-style guitar riffs they stuck in, making it some fresh listening. Overall, this album is a nice fresh addition to an already good collection of music.

Tell Me I'm Pretty
Tell Me I'm Pretty
  • Great Album flow
  • Nice use of old-style guitar
  • Fresh maturity of sound
  • Lacks diversity
  • A bit short (10 songs)
  • First Impression
  • Marinated Impression
  • Pacing
  • Production
  • Diversity
  • Album Entity
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